Research Papers On The Rocking Horse Winner

The theme is shown through the characters and their actions.

Lawrence, the emphasis on luck, materialism and money by Paul's loved ones drives him apart, and all he seeks is love and acceptance.

For example, when Paul explains to his mother that he's lucky and God told him, his mother responds bitterly, "I hope he did dear!

" This demonstrates the mother's great regard for luck and for those she loves to be lucky.

Uncle Oscar also values money and gambles frequently and doesn't perceive a boy gambling at a young age to be a problem.

All these characters are the components to explain the story's theme and illustrations of the author's view on luck, materialism and money.

The horse wins and Paul wins eighty thousand pounds, however, he dies at night.

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describes a young boy’s search for luck and love in a world with no love.

This desire for luck was so severe that she won't even love her children or husband because of their lack of luck.

Paul accepts his mother's desire and thinks luck is an important trait to have.

The family’s expenditure exceeds its income and creates unspoken tension and this affects the relationships in the family.

Paul and his two sisters recognize this tension and Paul even alleges that he can hear the house whispering, “” (Lawrence, 1926).

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