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Every two years since 2009, e-MFP organizes the European Research Conference in Microfinance in collaboration with European universities.The Research Conference is a unique event that gathers together high level researchers, academics, professionals and students ensuring that the latest research is disseminated to the whole microfinance community.Additionally, both boys’ and girls’ schooling levels as well as labor supply—which indicates the amount of hours workers are willing to work—increased concurrently with lending.While a positive contribution to the intellectual arsenal of microfinance proponents, the study falls short of providing global, unified evidence that microfinance works.The study’s findings do achieve statistical significance: “A 10% increase in men’s borrowing raises household spending by 0.04%….Borrowing by women pushes up household spending by one and a half times as much,” it reports.The Holy Grail of research for the global microfinance sector is incontrovertible proof that the provision of small loans generates real and lasting impact for borrowers.

The conference covered important questions for the microfinance industry.

While pundits grapple with "microfinance", as a development tool, it becomes clear that today's challenges, often of high client indebtedness, require a new approach 'beyond mere inclusion' and/or commercialization or 'standalone' operations.

We argue for capabilities aspect based on development partnership as key component of responsible financing, necessary to prop up the development proposition of microfinance operations for a win-win outcome.

Is microfinance really able to significantly reduce world-wide poverty? What is the impact of different governance mechanisms applied by MFIs on their performance?

Are microfinance programs financially sustainable, so that they will be able to finance the poor in the near future? How important is product innovation and technology for microfinance?

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