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From monikers like “Frankenfoods” to general skepticism, there has been a variety of biased reactions to these organisms, even though we as a species have been genetically modifying our foods in one way or another for approximately 10,000 years.Perhaps some of this distrust will be put to rest with the emergence of a new meta-analysis that shows GM corn increases crop yields and provides significant health benefits.The research should be mostly about the side effect of GMOs but then also cover what people can do to avoid eating GMOs.

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This analysis confirms that not only do GMOs pose no risk to human health, but also that they actually could have a substantive positive impact on it.

Mycotoxins, chemicals produced by fungi, are both toxic and carcinogenic to humans and animals.

A significant percentage of non-GM and organic corn contain small amounts of mycotoxins.

Most of these genetically modified genes that are inserted come from foreign species such as viruses and bacteria that are both completely new normal human food supply.

These deadly organisms have even been connected to toxic and allergic reactions, and countless sick, sterile, and deceased livestock.

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