Research Papers On Computer Science

Students must complete COMPX101 or ENGEN103, COMPX102, COMPX201, COMPX202, COMPX203, COMPX204, COMPX361 and 15 points from List B.

Students in the BCMS(Hons) will also need to take at least 60 points in the subject of their first major at 500 level including COMPX520 if Computer Science is the first major.

Reading a paper is not the same as reading a blogpost or a novel.

For such topics, zooming in on the right questions often marks significant progress in itself. Abundant-data applications, algorithms, and architectures are a meta-topic that includes research avenues such as data mining (quickly finding relatively simple patterns in massive amounts of loosely structured data, evaluating and labeling data, etc), machine learning (building mathematical models that represent structure and statistical trends in data, with good predictive properties), hardware architectures to process more data than is possible today.

Ontologies of research areas are important tools for characterising, exploring and analysing the research landscape.

We recently released the Computer Science Ontology (CSO), a large-scale, automatically generated ontology of research areas, which includes about 26K topics and 226K semantic relationships.

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