Research Papers On Banking Plague Dbq Thesis

A liquidity shock can be transferred from one country abroad to the domestic country due to various channels…

[more] Internationally active banks can be a source of systemic risk as a default of one bank can easily spill over to banks in other countries.

For an appropriate design of (inter)national regulation and supervision, it is important to understand how banks are connected within and across borders.

Along these lines, we provide information on relevant literature, main research questions and findings for each of the following topics.

[more] Financial systems of different countries have become more interconnected in recent years.

This process of financial integration allows for a better diversification of risks.

The entry of foreign banks into domestic markets can bring along benefits and costs for the host country.

The model, which relies solely on publicly available data, offers community banks the opportunity to analyze risks from a perspective that otherwise could be prohibitively expensive for them to consider.

This paper provides evidence of a “favoritism bias” by which banks make more loans, and open more branches, in areas near the birthplaces of their CEOs.

Cross-border linkages of banks can transmit liquidity shocks from one country to another.

This has become obvious during the recent financial crisis, where internationally active banks played an important role in the transmission of shocks.

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