Research Papers Great Depression Role Of Teachers In Character Building Essay

How effective were national economic policy measures designed to lessen the impact of the depression?

Did governments try to coordinate their economic policies? Why did the intensity of the depression and the recovery from it vary so markedly between countries?

It was clear that without some assurance on the security of deposits other institutions were at risk.

In 2009, UK GDP contracted by 4.8 per cent, the steepest fall since 1921.

In 1931, Keynes observed that the world was then ‘in the middle of the greatest economic catastrophe . Why the crisis began in 1929 is an obvious start, but more important questions are why it was so deep and why it lasted so long?

Such was the pressure that Northern Rock was nationalized in February 2008.As Eichengreen and O’Rourke (2010) report, the volume of world trade, the performance of equity markets, and industrial output dropped steeply in 2008.Moreover, a full-blown financial crisis quickly emerged.Both monetary and fiscal policies could be used to support economic expansion rather than to impose deflation or try to restore a balanced budget.Flexible exchange rates gave policy-makers the freedom to use devaluation as an aid to recovery.In 1937–8 a further sharp depression hit the US economy, increasing unemployment and imposing further deflation.What caused this serious downturn and what lessons did policy-makers draw from it?This paper provides a survey of the Great Depression comprising both a narrative account and a detailed review of the empirical evidence, focusing especially on the experience of the United States. there is a possibility that when this crisis is looked back upon by the economic historian of the future it will be seen to mark one of the major turning points’ (Keynes, 1931).We examine the reasons for and flawed resolution of the American banking crisis, as well as the conduct of fiscal and monetary policy. Keynes was right; Table 1 shows some of the dimensions.A comparison of the catastrophic banking crisis in 1931 with that of 2007–8 shows that the countries involved in 1931 accounted for 55.6 per cent of world GDP, while the figure for the latter period is 33.5 per cent (Reinhart, 2010; Maddison, 2010).This is the most widespread banking crisis since 1931 and it is also the first time since that date that major European countries and the United States have both been involved.

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