Research Paper Rationale

The purpose of a focused literature review is to synthesize what scholars know about your topic.Therefore, you should have multiple citations per paragraph and oftentimes per sentence.Order Description ASSIGNMENT OVERVIEW First, identify a specific and narrow topic for research that focuses on some aspect of communication behavior, and formulate a question that you have about that particular communication phenomenon.

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You will need to read more material than you will end up citing in your paper in order to find useful and topic-relevant sources. This culminating course assignment is to be comprised of the following components (all properly formatted according to APA style requirements).

For example, if you have ever taken a conflict management class, you know that a multitude of definitions exist for the notion of conflict.

So, it is important to tell your reader how you are defining conflict.

This means that you should cite scholarly sources whenever an idea is not your own.

Please compose the literature review section in past tense, since you are reviewing research that has already been completed.

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