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The committee will then meet collectively with the candidate to discuss the project and its implementation.There is no single recipe for a good dissertation prospectus.As indicated, the prospectus should provide a preliminary description of the proposed dissertation.It should delineate what topic and area the dissertation will explore; discuss why this topic and area merit such exploration; and include a provisional chapter outline and as complete a bibliography as possible.Gordis NINETEENTH-CENTURY AMERICAN WOMEN WRITERS PROSPECTUS ASSIGNMENT All of you are well on your way toward interesting theses. Have a critic’s footnotes sent you in new and useful directions? They must be in MLA format, which is described in The Borzoi Handbook, The MLA Handbook, and the English department guide to the preparation of papers, available from Ms. It should go without saying that you're operating under the Honor Code.

You may also want to explore some of the resources available on the web; see my website page of useful resources in American literature and culture for details.

A finished dissertation is generally 200-300 pages long.

You will find that developing an outline helps your thinking to move forward substantially, so that the actual writing of the dissertation is more clearly focused.

Make sure you define the theoretical categories you are introducing, and try to avoid technical jargon unless it is necessary to the intricacies of your argument.

Prospectuses and dissertations tend to either lose themselves in detail, or to be too general.

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