Research Paper On Stress Essay On What Do For My

Often people experience stress because of problems at work or in social relationships, such as a poor evaluation by a supervisor or an argument with a friend.Some people may be particularly vulnerable to stress in situations involving the threat of failure or personal humiliation.If your stress level increases or lasts for a longer time, you might experience other physical or emotional effects: These symptoms may also lead to loss of appetite, overeating and poor sleep, all of which can have serious consequences for your health.Usually these symptoms are minor and may be relieved through coping skills such as learning to relax, removing yourself for a time from the things that stress you out, and exercising.Others have extreme fears of objects or things associated with physical threats-such as snakes, illness, storms, or flying in an airplane-and become stressed when they encounter or think about these perceived threats.Major life events, such as the death of a loved one, can cause severe stress.Some people define stress as events or situations that cause them to feel tension, pressure, or negative emotions such as anxiety and anger.

There are practical steps you can take to cut back on stress.Also, your heart rate and blood pressure increase, and your immune system and memory are shaper.After you have dealt with the short-term stress, your body returns to normal.Genes and things that happen to you early in life (e.g., child abuse or neglect), even in the womb, can affect how you handle stressful situations, possibly making you more likely to over-react.Overeating, smoking, drinking, and not exercising, which can often result from being under stress, can also add to the negative effects of stress. The best-known acute stress response is the “fight or flight” reaction that happens when you feel threatened.This response includes physiological changes-such as increased heart rate and muscle tension-as well as emotional and behavioral changes.However, most psychologists regard stress as a process involving a person's interpretation and response to a threatening event. We may feel stress when we are very busy, have important deadlines to meet, or have too little time to finish all of our tasks.Exposure to chronic stress can contribute to both physical illnesses, such as heart disease, and mental illnesses, such as anxiety disorders.The field of health psychology focuses in part on how stress affects bodily functioning and on how people can use stress management techniques to prevent or minimize disease.Stress also motivates us to achieve and fuels creativity.Although stress may hinder performance on difficult tasks, moderate stress seems to improve motivation and performance on less complex tasks.

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