Research Paper On Plastic Surgery

However, the progenitor of plastic surgery is considered to be an Italian doctor Gaspare Talyakotstsi.

In 1597 he published a treatise on the restoration of damaged noses.

Plastic and Aesthetic Research is an open-access, peer-reviewed, continuously online published journal launched in June 2014.

It covers technical and clinical studies related to plastic and aesthetic surgery, such as aesthetic medicine, plastic and aesthetic materials, oral and maxillofacial surgery, reconstructive surgery, body contouring, rhinoplasty, etc.

Today plastic surgery is mostly common among those who want to fix something in their appearance.

According to the recent statistic, 83% of those who have used plastic surgery of the face were the people without any defects, but those, who wanted to change their natural features (Santoni-Rugiu, Paolo, 2007).

Doctors in Korea achieve the perfect level of surgery, and its plastic is regarded to be one of the best in the world (Santoni-Rugiu, Paolo, 2007).

The same operations were performed in India nearly 600 years BC (Haiken, Elizabeth, 1997).It provides valuable information regarding mechanisms of action and clinical......Today the fast development of the new technologies makes a great influence on the human society.Most of them had an operation on the upper eyelid (Chambers, Ray, 2009); - 25% of Korean mothers, having the daughters of the age of 12-16, offered their daughters to undergo the plastic surgery (Chambers, Ray, 2009); - 27% of graduates of Korean colleges willing to work, 19% of men and 34.1% of women believe that their earnings are low because of their dissapointing appearance; 28.5% of job seekers have been subjected to plastic surgery or are planning to undergo the plastic surgery to be in demand in the labor market (Chambers, Ray, 2009); - 90% of Korean women aged 20 to 30 years said that they were going to have plastic surgery to feel themselves more confident (Chambers, Ray, 2009).The amount of plastic clinics in Korea is growing exponentially, for example, between 20 the number had twice increased, as the result, the number of specialists in these hospitals was only 1400 doctors in Seoul.Women from neighboring Asian countries, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan rush to Meondong and Kangnam, known in Korea as “areas of beauty”, inspired by the beautiful actors and actresses, whom they see in the production of Korean art and show business (Canning, Andrea, 2009).The statistics on plastic surgery in Korea for the 2009year is the following: - 76% of Korean women in their 20-30 years had cosmetic surgery.This time is known for its development of the new methods and techniques of plastic surgery (Haiken, 1997).Plastic surgery and dermatology are experiencing a real boom in Korea today due to the running Korean TV shows, dramas and songs.Nevertheless, plastic surgery had the success; it was announced illegal in the end of 16 century.Up until the 19th century, the development of plastic surgery has been stopped.

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