Research Paper On Overcrowded Prisons

Sentencing a juvenile to life in prison does not only violate the Eighth Amendment that bans on cruel and unusual punishments, but it also ruins/kills another human beings life....

[tags: Prison, Life imprisonment, Crime] - The correctional system is based on helping offenders become part of society and not commit any crimes.

One way of doing this would be start rehabilitating prisons so when they get out of jail, they can start contributing to society in a positive way.

Currently there is more than 2.2 million people that are in prison in United States.

No prison means either the world have no criminal or every criminal would face the same penalty for every crime they committed.

So it is impossible to have a world without prison because of many reasons such as: there is impossible to have a world without criminal; without prison, every criminal would get charge the same penalty for different crime they committed, which is either they are free to go, or get charge the maximum penalty; also no prison means no place to separate the criminal from society, which is harmful for people....

The system needs a great amount of reform to decrease the alarming amount of jail admissions in this country.The first prison in the US was the Walnut Street Jail that was built in Philadelphia in 1773, and later closed in the 1830’s due to overcrowding and dirty conditions (Jacobs and Angelos 101).The prison system in modern US history has faced many downfalls due to prison overcrowding.If there was a way that we could reduce the number of people that return to jail would you support this idea.Or would you say that it is a waste of time and money.There are various programs prisons provide to prisoners to help them get a job or have a skill when they are released from prison....[tags: Prison, Suicide, English-language films] - During the trip to the Patuxent prison I learned numerous things regarding the correctional system.It was also much calmer than I expected for it to be a maximum security prison.I assumed that the prison would be in the absolute worst condition imaginable.Many private prison owners argue that the more inmates in a prison the more money they could make....[tags: Prison, Recidivism, Prison gang, Penology] - Is it possible to have a world where prison does not exist.

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