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These undergo development into a zygote within the mosquito, which is known as the sporogonic cycle.This zygote moves into the mid-gut of the mosquito maturing into an oocyst which then ruptures releasing sporozoites.These sporozoites make their way to the salivary glands of the mosquito and are transferred into a human host when the mosquito bites (Center for Disease Control).We can write a Custom Research Paper on Malaria for you!It may result in future acute psychiatric complications such as schizophrenic and manic syndromes, depression and anxiety disorders (Aloa, Yolles, & Armenta, 2000).

Malaria is effectively treated in its early stages with oral antimalarial medications. The relationship between the global environment and malaria is frightening.

It is in this erythrocytic stage that the clinical manifestations of the disease become evident (CDC).

The clinical presentation of the disease depends on the infecting species, level of parasitemia, and the immune status of the host. ovale parasites can persist in the liver in a dormant state for weeks or even years and then cause relapses (CDC).

Inside the red blood cells they undergo rapid asexual multiplication.

This action destroys the erythrocytes and releases more merozoites into the blood stream to infect additional erythrocytes (RPH Laboratory Medicine).

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