Research Paper On Internet Thesis + Organizational Commitment

Establishing a store on the Internet, allows for retailers to expand their market and reach out to consumers who may not otherwise visit the physical store.The convenience of online shopping is the main attraction for the consumers.Unique online payment systems offer easy and safe purchasing from other individuals.

It makes picking out items so quick that consumers have the tendency place more items in their cart than they are capable of paying for.since I pay the credit-card account, my wife has little inkling of just how much I spend” confesses a man (Spencer, 2010).Because of the easy accessibility and simple click of a button to purchase goods, shopping addictions could be a serious danger of online shopping.This habit can lead to financial and domestic problems in the household.Making purchases online means consumers will use virtual shopping carts.While physical shopping carts are used in actual stores with the intent of purchasing the product in the cart immediately, “retailers cannot assume that their website patrons use their carts to purchase a product immediately” (Close & Kukar-Kinney, 2010).Many online shoppers use their shopping cart as a type of “wish list”.The ability to shop for products online gives consumers the option to purchase goods off of the Internet with the convenience of not even leaving his or her home.Others; however, still enjoy and prefer to go into a physical store to make purchases.and more consumers are gaining access to the Pay Pal system.“Customers with a virtual wallet for online global shopping, empowering a new segment of consumers to buy products and services on the web ' without the use of a credit card” (DBS and Pay Pal, 2010).

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