Research Paper On Gifted Students

This study investigated the relationship between teachers' beliefs about gifted students' characteristics compared to students with average-ability and the teachers' motivation (i.e., enthusiasm, self-efficacy).We investigated pre-service teachers' beliefs and motivational orientations as substantial components of their professional competencies…This study focused on a partial replication of a mixed-methods study of teachers regarding certification practices in Gifted and Talented Education (GATE).

An indicator for gifted program participation captures the impact of gifted programs, holding innate ability constant.

In the final essay (Chapter 4) I look at the impact that gifted education programs have on regular education students.

In order to determine the efficacy of gifted education programs it is necessary to determine both the direct effects on program participants, as well as any indirect effects on nonparticipants.

Data sources included Likert survey questions as well as openended questions with current teachers at seven schools within a Southern California school district.

Since completion of the…Based on a single-group one-year long evaluation study with 1,625 gifted children aged from 225 schools in 15 cities, this article examines whether participation in a spiritual education program increases their emotional intelligence.

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