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For differences, we will put that Hindenburg was hydrogen-fueled, unlike the helium-fueled airships created in the United States.In an investigation, there can be several pieces of information that need to be captured when specifying the location.

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It is thought (by some) that static electricity ignited the highly flammable mix on the fabric cover.

The magnitude of this incident is defined by the impact to the goals. The question of what was different is fundamental in any investigation.

On the Hindenburg issue we capture the date as May 6th, 1937 and the time of when the airship caught fire, exploded and crashed (which all happened within a minute).

The Cause Map starts by writing down the goals that were affected as defined in problem outline.

For the Hindenburg the safety goal was impacted because of the 36 lives that were lost and the vessel goal was impacted because of the loss of the airship.

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