Research Paper Euthanasia

He described an incontinent, pain-racked, totally dependent existence exacerbated by watching the suffering of his wife as she cared for him.He stated that he was “immensely grateful” that he could end his life in a dignified and compassionate manner.Most recently (November 1997) 60% of Oregon voters rejected the attempt to repeal measure 16.The federal appeals court lifted the stay barring implementation of the law.In addition he asserted that “the Church and State must remain separate.What right has anyone because of their own religious faith (to which I don't subscribe) to demand that I behave according to their rules until some omniscient doctor decides that I must have had enough and increases my morphine until I die?

One state, Oregon, as the result of a citizen initiative ballot (measure 16), has allowed a specific departure by passing a law permitting physician-assisted death under very restricted conditions.The first person to choose a statutory sanctioned death with physician assistance was Bob Dent of Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, who died September 22, 1996.This was possible under the Rights of the Terminally Ill Act which had become effective July 1, 1996 in the Northern Territory.Our society believes in the principles of individual autonomy, liberty, justice and democracy.We will argue that the interaction of the traditional value-of-life ethos, certain religious beliefs, and the stark realities of medicine at the end of life, has most commonly resulted in an arbitrary “line in the sand” that is inconsistent with the above principles.In March 1997, the federal parliament effectively repealed the “state” legislation by passing in the Australian senate the Euthanasia Laws Bill, commonly known as the “Andrews Bill” after its unapologetically doctrinaire architect.A member of the Australian senate, he is also described as a “father-of-five and lawyer in bioethics”.Although criticisms were made claiming the contrary to be true, both the Oregon and Northern Territory laws had exhaustive provisions designed to safeguard the integrity of the legislation and prevent abuse.Just how did society arrive at the present impasse where we heatedly debate “right-to-die” legislation?However, draft legislation in the state of South Australia, if passed, will challenge this federal law.Between September 1996 and March 1997 four competent terminally ill persons were able to exercise the right to physician-assisted death.

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