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However, if the individuals were of the age of consent and under the age determined to be elderly, such relations would not be considered as illegal.

There are other ways to view elder abuse as a social construction.

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To promote a full understanding of the integrated response to elder abuse, this research paper addresses the following areas: defining elder abuse, identifying elder abuse, and explaining elder abuse. Part of the problem inhibiting the development of research in this area hinges on the lack of uniform definitions of elder about. Since that time, many have accepted that elder abuse is a problem that needs to be addressed by different disciplines and practitioners. Also, The Battered Elder Syndrome was published by Block and Sinnott (1979) around this time, giving increased attention to problems of abuse encountered by older adults. Conclusion Since the 1970s, elder abuse has been increasingly recognized as a problem across the world.First, laws that penalize offenders for crimes against older persons are criminal statutes that call for increased penalties for crimes against persons over a certain age.If a grandchild abuses his grandparent, this would be called criminal assault in states where elder abuse laws are not provided.Consider as another example a case where a prosecutor prosecuted a contractor under the burglary criminal statutes when he defrauded an older woman.In these cases, it is rare that criminal statutes are used to govern or respond to the harmful behavior; instead, regulations developed by state and federal governments are used to guide the response to the abusive activities.As an illustration, consider that an inordinate number of regulations have been developed to govern the way nursing homes serve their residents.Failure to provide care to an older person is one example.Another example involves states that have specific laws covering crimes occurring in nursing homes or other long-term care settings.

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