Research Assignments

Development of an assessment tool to evaluate the potential functionality of a newly established Health Research Ethics Committee (HREC) in South Africa, using modified MERETI assessment tool Monitoring the performance of a Higher Education Institutional Health Research Ethics Committee in Gauteng, South Africa using the MERETI self-assessment tool: a critical evaluation A lens on current documentation that guides ethics review of research involving children as participants: a document analysis of South African Research Ethics Committees Developing standard operating procedures for biobanking at a Research Ethics Committee in Ethiopia Is the researcher-participant relationship in clinical research a contractual relationship?Vassar Librarians can teach your students to understand and use information resources.Trainees will be encouraged to conduct their own empirical research, or to use previously collected data, where this is appropriate and feasible.An ARESA faculty member will approve the topic of a trainee's practicum assignment/paper, and a mentor for the assignment at the student's home institution will also be identified.Research assignments that include effective guidance teach students to research like scholars and provide them with the tools and support to do so.This approach encourages engagement with disciplinary practice and provides a means of resisting the temptations of shortcutting and plagiarism.

To apply, use the Graduate School Awards System in UT Direct starting September 16, 2019.

We can help you design effective research assignments, and ensure that the library has the research materials that you and your students need.

The Research Guidance Rubric is a tool that assists GVSU faculty in the design of research assignments that guide their students toward effective research.

We believe this grid will help you establish a framework of flexible guidance for research that accommodates the challenges and peculiarities that are unique to any given research project without "squarepegging" approaches or solutions.

The Research Guidance Rubric for Assignment Design lists the above components of an effective research assignment in its vertical axis.

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