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It was gratifying to possess an item that also was its own perfect adjective.No one ever says, “Hang on, let me grab my Bag I Stole From My Sister’s Closet Five Years Ago,” but “I left my lipstick in my Kate Spade” makes perfect natural sense — a satisfying sentence to utter, something that also says, “Hello, I am an adult woman with a real professional purse.” We both recall unwrapping our bag from the store’s protective tissue and feeling, finally, ever so mature and self-possessed.

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For both of us, this was our first designer purchase — that item in your closet where, at last, the brand name is the only descriptor you need.

Fifteen years ago, it felt like every girl you met had a Kate Spade bag — or a knockoff, which was close enough when you’re 24 years old.

Today, that kind of fashionable ubiquity might be sniffed at as being “basic,” but for us, there was comfort in it, a warmth in finding a kindred spirit in a bar’s bathroom line, and an opening to chirp a winking, “I love your bag! Kate Spade purses were not intimidating, and that’s a blessing, not a backhanded compliment.

Eight anthologies of classic feminist writings and historical descriptions and analyses of women's history are reviewed.

The selections are concerned with the history of American feminism and provide an overview of the women's movement and its major causes and crusades in the last two centuries.

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