Relationship Problems And How To Solve Them

Now, the key to resolving all problems always lays in the ability to make compromises.

If you keep your problems under the carpet it will eventually lead to a divorce, a breakup or it will represent a constant source of stress.

And over time, you may find your groove and start to have great sex.

But if there seems to be no chemistry whatsoever, keep in mind this problem doesn't work itself out — especially if you aren't willing to talk about it."The beginning of a relationship, when a couple is in the honeymoon stage, is the time when fireworks should be going off every time they are together," Dr. "If that chemistry is not there from the beginning, it usually will only go downhill from there."Of course, sex isn't everything in a relationship, and it's always possible to have a healthy relationship, without this being one of the main pillars.

As relationship expert Stef Safran tells Bustle, if you notice early on that you are not on the same page when dealing with things from the past, you need to begin talking right away about what's OK and what isn't.

It may help to sit down and have a serious conversation about boundaries, what's safe to talk about, and how you plan to deal with this issue should it come up again.

Sometimes, these problems are actually just a child’s play but when the children come, everything greatly changes.

First of all, the only ones who are going to suffer from your inability to handle your problems will be your children and that is absolutely unacceptable.

But again, it's about focusing on what's important to you.

"Don't wreck a relationship just because you are stressed about money and don't like or respect the way your partner handles it." Instead, talk about it — before it gets out of hand.

Any fights about family members or ex partners will likely only get more heated, so you'll want to nip those in the bud ASAP.

You just have to decide what's important to you, and communicate all of that to your partner.

While you two don't have to be twins, it may not be a good idea to force a relationship with someone who's your total opposite. Bash says, "if there is just no common ground, it will likely lead to the couple eventually having separate lives."If you're an extrovert and they're an introvert, for example, or if you like to hike and they won't even step outside, such differences can cause you to spend too much time apart, possibly to the point where you don't see each other often enough.

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