Relationship Between Pip And Magwitch Essay

Pip admired Joe, despite the fact that he was certainly not a gentleman, for his honest work and kind heart. What are the most credible sources that could be used to find an answer for this question? As he has done throughout the novel, Dickens continues to alter the language of Magwitch in this scene, creating a more colloquial tone for his character.

At this point in the novel, Pip comes to the realization that he has abandoned and erased poor Joe from his life in order to achieve his own selfish dreams of a life of luxury among the upper class. Why is this particularly significant at this point in the novel?

Or do you kiss my hand in the same spirit in which I once let you kiss my cheek" (250)?

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How will this news change his relationship with both Estella and Miss Havisham?Though Pip's dream of transformation alienates him from Joe, Joe continues to have a positive influence on Pip.Pip acknowledges that he fulfilled his obligations as an apprentice blacksmith because of Joe's integrity and commitment, just as later he takes his studies seriously because of Matthew Pocket's integrity and commitment as a teacher.It also shows students the three big ideas connected to Dickens’ purpose, which will lead to grades 7, 8 and 9.Quotations are deliberately long, so that your students learn to select telling detail.Although Pip's becoming a gentleman may never have been possible without Magwitch's generosity, he almost appears offended by the common, and vulgar behavior of his benefactor. I drops my knife many a time in that hut when I was a eating my dinner or my supper, and I says, “Here's the boy again, a looking at me whiles I eats and drinks! Look at these here lodgings of yourn, fit for a lord! [286-287; Place within the complete text of the novel] The terms that Magwitch uses in addressing Pip make it quite obvious that he considers Pip kin, the son he never had.Magwitch, on the other hand, is delighted to have finally had the opportunity to reveal himself to Pip, and cannot control his emotions, exclaiming, Look'ee here, Pip. " I see you there a many times as plain as ever I see you on them misty marshes. " I says each time — and I goes out in the open air to say it under the open heavens — “but wot, if I gets liberty and money, I'll make that boy a gentleman! He has worked hard and escaped, risking his life to better that of Pip- the only real friend we know of in his past.It is easy to dismiss the passage which follows as only sentimental, but is it?For Dickens and his age, tears had a moral value; crying could arouse feelings of love and the sense of connection to and responsibility for others. Heaven knows we need never be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding dust of earth, overlying our hard hearts.Why, when his dream of being transformed into a gentleman is about to come true, does Pip pass the loneliest night of his life?When Pip leaves for London, he cries as he looks at the signpost, which is an obvious symbol for Pip's future and which is used repeatedly.

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