Reflective Clinical Practice Essay Process Essay For Esl Students

I went to a state psychiatric hospital, where I did clinicals on a floor where people were criminally declared insane, and most had been convicted of heinous crimes.

However, this clinical experience, although scary (please note, I was incredibly safe), I learned so much. The nurses were kind, thoughtful, and wanted us to be there so they can teach us. Watching the staff come together in an effort to save the patient was truly a pivotal moment in my nursing career.

I ask a lot of questions—sorry students, yes, I am preceptor. Please note: I don’t like to call you a nursing student.

I was alarmed and unprepared for the physical sight of this patient, Not being able to voice my dislike to the meal offered exacerbated by the urgency of hunger or thirst. Nelson-Jones (1990) states that facial expressions are an intrinsic way to express emotions and eye contact is one way to show interest. The nurse must be the sender and more importantly the receiver of clear information.Reflection at a superficial level makes reference to an existing knowledge base, including differing theories but does not make any comment or critique of them.Today I spent time with James (client) and his family on the ward.At Utica College, you will complete clinicals at top health care facilities, allowing you to build your knowledge-base and create your professional network in highly recognized facilities. Comer was admitted to his local community hospital for respite care.Although this experience was very frightening for me and frustrating for the patient, it has highlighted the need for me to improve my communication skills. Patients with speech impairment or loss have a more difficult task sending the messages they want and are sometimes unsuccessful in making themselves understood. NMC (2002) outlines that we must not add extra stress or discomfort to a patient by our actions and we must use our professional skills to identify patient? The clinical experience is often times the cornerstone of the nursing student’s career. I was there at sharp—a feat for me even then, as I’m chronically on “Becky Time,” which is a beautiful experience of always being five to ten minutes late everywhere I go.I had a year of coursework before I began my clinical experiences. I didn’t know anyone, as I had recently transferred into the program from a different city, and to say that I was nervous would be an understatement.I suggest you be open and excited to be there and learn. Above all, treat your patients as you would if you were already their nurse…because a good nurse starts with kindness and goodness.Let your preceptor know that you’re there to learn and you’re excited to be there. Your nursing clinical experiences are a rewarding aspect of your nursing education that teaches you so much more than the details of being a nurse.

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