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The researchers found that the waivers – when coupled with other information about the application process and aid offered by selective institutions – had a large effect on the number of applications the students submitted.

The college has some creditability in saying that it's not letting rankings dictate its decisions.Administrators hope the change will spur more applications from prospective students, particularly the low-income and first-generation students who could benefit from the college’s large financial aid budget. Our main goal is to get people to apply and apply for financial aid, and they’ll realize we’re more affordable than they think.” The move is particularly noteworthy in the wake of last year's highly publicized report by Caroline Hoxby of Stanford University and Christopher Avery of Harvard University, who found that the majority of high-achieving low-income students never apply to selective colleges -- despite the fact that many selective institutions provide high amounts of financial aid, which can make them more affordable than less-selective institutions.“We have great financial aid, and we’re sort of worried that people will never figure that out,” said John R. “We have a reputation as being an expensive private college, but half our students are on financial aid, and our students graduate with lower debt burdens … Selective institutions also tend to have higher graduation rates and more resources to provide academic and student support services.The application fee currently brings in about 0,000 a year, a spokesman for the college said, and about a third of applicants have their fees waived.The money to make up for the loss of application fees will come primarily from the college’s recent fund-raising campaign.Meanwhile, the high school essay was only used in about 3 percent of admissions decisions.Over the next year, Kroger said, the college will consider a range of additional changes to its application process that could remove barriers to applicants, particularly those with low incomes.“I’m sure we would get more if we eliminated it.” Kroger’s hope is that by eliminating the fee, the college can bring in a more diverse pool of applicants.“If a student is eligible for 0,000 in financial aid, it’s madness for them not to apply,” Kroger said.In a recent report by the New America Foundation, Reed was praised for enrolling a relatively large percentage of low-income students while keeping down the price for those students.According to the report, for the 2011 academic year, 20 percent of the college’s undergraduate enrollment qualified for federal Pell Grants.

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