Recycled Paper Watermarked

The Petcore Europe Conference evidenced that the industry is innovating to reach said targets while stabilizing the future of PET.

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The watermarks offer more than just sorting benefits.They are ultimately changing the system conditions under which businesses operate, especially those that buy and sell packaging.Amid such conditions, leading companies are innovating to provide solutions that will allow the industry, which is under mounting regulatory and economic pressure, to reach the stringent targets that they are being held accountable to.They add an image of luxury to all print communications.The Genuine Private Watermark, originated by Gilbert Paper, has been a most prestigious tangible asset to corporate branding for over a century.Part one of ’ coverage of the event outlined five key system conditions underpinning the industry that are driving change, as described by Clarissa Morawski of Reloop.These conditions stem from targets that have been set in the EU Plastics Strategy and the Single Use Plastics Directive (SUDP).The rate at which the plastic packaging industry has undergone vast regulatory change is unusual, but perhaps necessary, according to Laure Baillargeon of DG Grow.As marine litter was found to consist overwhelmingly of plastics, the EU Plastics Strategy and the SUPD have been put in place to produce tangible results, as well as appease societal and political pressure.Developing a product on a country-by-country basis is difficult.“A lot of recycling challenges can be brought back to sorting.

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