Reasons For Writing

That may be true, but what if I told you that they're all better screenwriters because they write plays?

Each of these movies--and we're talking about some very good films--was written by a playwright. So a few good playwrights needed to make some extra cash, and they turned to the much more lucrative film industry to finance house payments and upscale vacations.

I was quite a lonely child with severe self-esteem problems and I clung to writing like a life-line - I believed it was the only thing I could do well.... Does your imagination run wild at the thought of writing a great political satire? My heart races when I think of a great idea and I can't find my notebook to write the ideas down fast enough.There are stores buzzing around in my head, characters that become my best friends and they compel me to write about them. That ''escape route' became my lifeline out of a torment of 'real life' and I've always felt I owed it to others and myself, to pay that back. It was by an 'acclaimed' author, and it was the biggest load of tripe I've ever had the displeasure of picking up. It was then that I made my first decision as a writer, completely on my own without worrying about how much space we had or what the editor thought or anything -- we HAD to do a feature on this man and the ceremony to honor him.... Secondly, I write to put myself in impossible situations (situations that I would want to be in but can't.) I love to fantasize so I make stories out of my fantasies.Like a pesky fly they buzz around until I relent and bring them to life on paper.... The feeling I get when I finish a book is indescribable, like receiving a much wished for Christmas present. I now try to create places and people and events that can fill that gap for others out there who want to be more than they are or can be. My first thought was 'I can do better than this.' so I decided to give it a bash. My deep passion for writing began to blossom when I was a very small girl, 4 or 5 years old. The real eye opener came a few days later, when I received a card in the mail from the man's family. The third reason why I write is to keep records of past events; I write about things that happen to me. It was a story of a woman who was a prisoner on her own property, much as I often feel living in the middle of nowhere.I felt the calling to write from as early as I can remember.I took a few steps in different directions here and there over the years, but I knew that no matter my profession, writing would always be a strong gravitational force in my life.-- Sherry I've never been someone that has felt that writing is my call, and I've never thought that I would one day be a professional writer, (well, maybe occasionally). As it turns out, I couldn't do better, but somewhere along the line I realised writing was fun - so here I am. My mom worked at the library and brought home books for us to read together all the time. Writing was also an escape from an alcoholic father, a way to release my pain and feelings without fear. They wanted to thank me for taking the time to tell his story and sharing warm memories about the man's life. It was the first time I really realized that my words could impact the lives of others. She had a strong desire to move back to the place she loved and where she had friends, much as I would like to do.It wasn't long before I had stories of my own to tell. As a shy person for whom public speaking is not a strong point, writing also helps me to express myself and my opinions in a way that is non-threatening. My love of writing is the one thing I own that can never be taken from me. But writing the article, I not only snagged a paycheck and a byline, but I touched a community. This dream kept coming, probably because I am more and more disgusted with my own life. Why are some of us so sure that we were meant to write and others avoid it like the plague? The passion in my heart and soul need to come out, so writing is the only way that I can do this.... If you do not have passion for what you are doing, well, you won't be able to write. I write from my experiences, hoping that someone will learn, or feel sad, or happy. When I started, it was for the pure rush of excitement that just overcame me every time I saw my name in print. Some write because it helps them to sort out their feelings. And some write because nothing in the world makes them happier. What makes you shake off the disappointment of rejection letters and want to start again? -- Kay Unlike most people on this list, writing hasn't always been some kind of desire in me.At first glance, plays and screenplays seem very different.Plays are, at least to the untrained eye, mostly composed of people sitting (or standing) around and talking. People may go in or out, but the general perception of plays is that it's all about the words.

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