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You can look up scholarships by community service and you will see a code next to each scholarship. Being an AP Scholar with Distinction does not grant you a scholarship.

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You will probably be asked to elaborate on the field you are specializing in as well as any future plans you may have.

People who are going to give you money, a position in graduate school, or a job, want to know how well you will do and your college transcripts will provide this information.

On this bit of your application you must, IN YOUR OWN WORDS, explain why you are applying for the scholarship.

Therefore, awarding me the scholarship will help me to get the education necessary to improve the lives of the people that I work for every day in my community based group as well as in my field of public health.

Usually, most people apply for scholarships because they lack the finanical means to pay for college on their own.

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  1. Each idea in the body is offered in an individual passage and developed with assisting proof by means of information, descriptions, or similar, and supported with examples where appropriate or necessary. It is in the body where you will present your facts; discuss them and present supporting information to ascertain their validity.