Reality Tv Research Paper

Young girl’s self-images are influenced by the reality TV shows they watch. Girls especially are influenced by what they see on TV. Most girls will do whatever it takes to be skinny and look like the stars that weigh 100 pounds " influence on the cultural phenomenon of dieting and the perfect body.

“Commercials and reality TV shows make you feel bad about yourself so you buy into the fad," Cohn said.

Reality television has made the standards of beauty quite high these days and there is a definite change in society’s view on what is truly beautiful.

Turning off the TV has simply become too hard when it comes to reality TV shows 1.

Turning into their favorite movie star is becoming more normal than ever.

The diet industry earns billion each year on diet pills, and .4 billion is spent every year on cosmetic surgery.

Women -- and men, Cohn stressed -- want to be thin, because large men and women are ridiculed" (Demmel).

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