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Get to know the other agents in your office, listen and ask questions. Don't just believe it's right because a veteran tells you so.Sometimes marginal marketing stuff only works because the agent is already established and popular.Or, they're part-timers, but they make even less money because it's very difficult to schedule customer contact and help when you have another job.The one thing I can't stress strongly enough to new entrants into real estate practice is that you are independent contractors. Just because the law says or you choose to hang your license with a broker, you do not want to become only a piece of that broker's business and marketing.

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This will ensure you get leads now while also making you work on more longer term lead generation projects.This is a lot different than when you’re 5 years into the business. I highly suggest picking marketing ideas that match where you are in the business. Here are some links to the best articles on real estate marketing and lead gen…They will help you find comprehensive guides to the business marketing plans and business plans around.For example: Real estate SEO is a great tactic for a 5 year old business to put on their business plan. Whether you’re a startup or established business working on your mission and vision statements, these articles should help you: Finally, you’re going to have to start doing different activities during your day if you want to achieve everything you’ve laid out in your real estate business plan.And how the 3 priorities will help me achieve my big overall goal.There are only so many marketing ideas and concepts you can put into your business plan.Clearly defined goals with a number to hit will also motivate your competitive side.Once you have three of these written down, it’s time to decide how you’re going to hit those numbers.The next section of your real estate business plan template asks you to discover 3 priorities that can help you hit that goal.This is where you focus on things like social media marketing, postcard canvasing, farming techniques, and email marketing.Goal: ,000 in revenue by end of 2015 Priorities: Capture 100 leads per month with a website within 3 months, Prospect from 9am to 11am everyday starting now, and Send 5 piece of mail to every expired listing starting now Do you see how all of those tasks have a deadline associated with them?That will hold you accountable and help you see better results with your marketing.

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