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Skilled readers do not read blindly, but purposely. Their purpose, together with the nature of what they are reading, determines how they read.They read in different ways in different situations for different purposes.My information is derived principally from the written statements of the school committees of the respective towns — gentlemen who are certainly exempt from all temptation to disparage the schools they superintend.The result is that more than 11/12ths of all the children in the reading classes do not understand the meanings of the words they read; and that the ideas and feelings intended by the author to be conveyed to and excited in, the reader’s mind, still rest in the author’s intention, never having yet reached the place of their destination." (Second Report to the Massachusetts Board of Education, 1838) In general, then, we read to figure out what authors mean.

Having recognized this variability, we should also recognize that there are core reading tools and skills for reading any substantive text, some of which will be the focus of this and our next few our columns. Think about what adjustments you would make in your reading given the differing purposes of these writers: To read productively, your purpose in reading must take into account the author’s purpose in writing.Learning to think within one system of knowledge helps us learn to think within other systems.For example, if in studying botany, we learn that all plants have cells, we should connect this idea to the fact that all animals have cells (which we learned in studying biology).This requires the active use of intellectual skills.It requires command of the theory of close reading as well as guided practice based on that theory.Few are able to accurately mirror the meaning the author intended. They unintentionally distort or violate the original meaning of authors they read.As Horace Mann put it in 1838:"I have devoted especial pains to learn, with some degree of numerical accuracy, how far the reading, in our schools, is an exercise of the mind in thinking and feeling and how far it is a barren action of the organs of speech upon the atmosphere.Moreover, when we gain an initial understanding of the primary ideas, we can begin to think within the system as a whole.The sooner we begin to think within a system, the sooner the system becomes meaningful to us.Core or primary ideas are the key to every system of knowledge. They are the key to retaining what we learn for lifelong use.We should relate the core ideas we learn within one discipline to core ideas in other systems of knowledge, for knowledge exists not only in a system but also in relation to all other systems of knowledge.

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  1. Failures from the personal realm are technically fair game here, but candidates will likely want to give first consideration to professional or academic examples, or to those from structured extracurricular activities.