Ralph Waldo Emerson Essays Sparknotes

Furthermore, he states that the sun shines into the eyes of a man but shines into the heart of a child.One who appreciates and sees nature like it is new, as a child would, will experience a never ending feeling of youth.Emerson mentions God when he talks about how he feels in the woods.

Emerson considers that the relationship between most people and nature is that people take nature for granted.

He states, “I am part of a parcel of God.” Which portrays that he is a part of a package of something much more grand and divine than himself: God.

So, this shows that his religious belief that God is greater than him and he is nothing but a smaller part of the entire parcel, conveys that he may view nature, like God, is grander.

Emerson was special in that, in the very beginning of these advances he could see the possible consequences that these things would have on human divinity with nature.

He believed it could separate us from the inspiration that the world of nature inspires around us.

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