Radiation Physics Phd Thesis

Multi-modality research projects are also encouraged and may be fostered by the complementary interests of participating faculty.

The program combines faculty and resources from both UB and Roswell Park.

A full range of external beam and brachytherapy projects are actively being pursued at Roswell Park where four linear accelerators and a Gamma-knife facility are available.

Where appropriate, didactic course credits may be transferred from other graduate programs.

Substitution of a more advanced course(s) is only upon approval by the adviser and program director.

A total of at least 72 credit hours are required for the Ph D degree.

Of this total, at least 30 credit hours must be earned in formal didactic coursework (including letter-graded Independent Study), as well as including 4 credit hours in Seminar plus at least 2 credit hours Medical Physics Practicum (at least 1 in each of imaging and therapy physics); excluded are Research, Thesis Guidance, Supervised Teaching, and (unless receiving a priori approval under special circumstances) pass/fail Independent Study courses.

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