Racial Discrimination Research Paper

These subtleties make defining and measuring discrimination more difficult.The panel’s goal in this report is to review and comment on the methods used in various social scientific disciplines to identify types of racial discrimination and measure their effects.Our purpose is not to report numbers or impacts but to provide guidance and encouragement to researchers and policy analysts as they work across domains to identify where discrimination may be present and what its effects may be.In the first part of this report, the panel defines the concepts of race and racial discrimination from a social science perspective, which we believe is the appropriate perspective for research and policy analysis on discrimination.Although researchers in specific disciplines have investigated discrimination in particular domains, there has been little effort to coordinate and expand such research in ways that could help to better understand and measure various kinds of racial and ethnic discrimination across domains and groups and over time.

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The report makes no attempt to actually measure current or past levels of discrimination in any domain.Examples of studies using methods that persuasively measure the presence or absence of discrimination are rare, and appropriate data for measurement are often unobtainable.As a result, there is little scholarly consensus about the extent and frequency of discrimination and how it relates to continuing disadvantages along racial and ethnic lines (Fix and Turner, 1998).One factor that should be considered is the role of racial discrimination.Overt discrimination against African Americans and other minority groups characterized much of U. history; a question is whether and what types of discrimination continue to exist and their effects on differential outcomes.One reason it is difficult to assess discrimination is that changes have occurred in the nature of prejudiced attitudes and discriminatory behaviors.With the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other laws that prohibit discrimination because of race in a variety of domains, overt discrimination is less often apparent.Contact us if you experience any difficulty logging in.Most people would agree that equal opportunity to participate as a full and functioning member of society is important.Often, multiple approaches will be needed to provide credible evidence about the prevalence of discrimination in a domain.Thus, the panel attempts to identify the broad range of approaches for measuring discrimination and to provide a critical review of their relative credibility when applied in different situations.

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