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So, given the importance of the Superman character to pop culture and his relevance in the wake of Henry Cavill’s performance, I decided to rank the Superman films that have been released thus far.

'Explore how far your chosen film are experimental in challenging conventional approaches to narrative' (20 marks) Look at: - Conventional narratives with Hollywood films - Number of narratives in Pulp Fiction - Do they individually follow conventional structure?

- Techniques Tarantino employs to ensure audience follow what happens? Pulp Fiction is a 1994 film directed by Quentin Tarantino that challenges conventional approaches to narrative as the film unfolds in a non-linear structure that diverts from the typical Hollywood structure.

Pulp Fiction differs drastically from the conventional narrative in a Hollywood movie; the conventional approach to a narrative in a Hollywood picture has a six-point structure (beginning - conclusion) and follows this pattern rigorously.

It will be the first Western score for the prolific Morricone in 40 years and reunites the two after some harsh words were apparently smoothed over after their collaboration on , but Morricone was critical after Django was released, saying of the use of his song “Ancora Qui” that the director “places music in his films without coherence.” He later said he words were misconstrued and now apparently all is well.

Where Batman is the symbol of the wealthy as civil-justice idealists, and of the personally damaging yet socially accepted disease that is vengeance, Superman is representative of all we hope America can be, all the good that we are capable of as a democratic society.

All of these are successfully sorted out by the conclusion of this act and the act also concludes with them leaving the diner after they have sorted out these situations which depicts that the individual acts of Pulp Fiction do follow a conventional structure.

, and while that movie ended with the Man of Steel sacrificing himself to defeat Doomsday, it was immediately obvious that he wouldn't stay dead for long.This is an auteur trait of Tarantino as he uses the most effective technique in order to get the most out of his audiences.The effect that the film's structure has on the audience is significant as the individual acts keep them drawn in as they are intrigued to see how these situations play out, whereas once the film is put together this makes the audience appreciate the film significantly more as the use of a non-linear approach allows the audience to arrive at unexpected conclusions.However Tarantino prefers to make films in a non-linear style as he now believes America tell the worst stories so he wanted to return the story to prominence through his filmography.Tarantino deconstructs the conventional structure as 'Pulp Fiction' tells three interrelated stories through three main storylines and seven narrative sequences.Tarantino's approach to Pulp Fiction also differs from the conventional narrative and structure of Hollywood films due to the graphic and violent nature of the movie which takes inspiration from European art film and the French New Wave; Tarantino's influences inspires him to use similar approaches to these directors rather than sticking to the tried and tested Hollywood formula.The non-linear style of Pulp Fiction allows Tarantino to challenge conventional approaches to narrative as this give his film complete freedom to tell the story he wants to tell in the way he sees fit which allows the story to closely resonate with the audience and keep them on the edge of the seat as they watch the movie unfold.At the core of the best films is the actor who plays Superman and Kent, and that’s been perhaps the most consistent element of the Superman films that have been released thus far.Christopher Reeve, Henry Cavill, and Brandon Routh anchored films by the likes of Richard Donner, Zack Snyder, Richard Lester, Bryan Singer, and Sydney J.More than a year and a half later, Superman was brought back to life in has been discussed, it's remains to be seen if it will actually get the green light.Tarantino said today during the film’s panel at Comic-Con.

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