Quarterly Essay 49

v=Bgk E5lxk DW4&list=PLrl Xh Hkp Dzd2UDZ5v CPo Nr99g0Yu2Mgom (talk given at ‘Spotlight on the Lake Eyre Basin’ conference, Longreach, 2013). (talk given at the Wheeler Centre, Melbourne, in 2012).Quarterly Essay is an agenda-setting journal of politics and culture.Each issue contains a single essay of about 25,000 words, followed by correspondence on previous essays.

Quarterly Essay 49-42Quarterly Essay 49-84

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This irreverent, controversial account is a ground-breaking, in-depth profile that traces Rudd's years in Queensland, in China, in opposition and finally in government.

Based on extensive research, observation and interviewing, it...

In the fiftieth Quarterly Essay, Anna Goldsworthy examines life for women after the gains made by feminism. Rather than relaxed and comfortable, Australians are disenchanted with politics and politicians.

In this brilliant short book - an expanded and updated version of her acclaimed Quarterly Essay - Laura Tingle shows that the...

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