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Then, various problem solving methods and tools can be used to drive down to the root cause of the issue and take appropriate corrective actions to not only fix the problem, but to ensure it does not re-occur.Recurring problems are expensive, drive down brand equity and can damage the supplier / customer relationship.Deming always referred to it as the “Shewhart cycle”, PDSA (Plan-Do-Study Act).Deming modified it to PDCA because he felt that “check” emphasized inspection over analysis.PHF experts have activated these tools in the field.

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In general, tolerance analysis can be applied practically anywhere where process stages are happenings equentially with certain variation. PDCA PDCA known as Deming Cycle or Deming Wheel, PDCA is a tool for continuous improvement of processes and products.

The 5 Why exercise can be used as a stand- alone tool or applied within a larger problem solving activity.

5 Why is commonly used during the Analyze phase of the DMAIC process and the Plan phase of the PDCA process.

This increases the confidence and self satisfaction to all team members and a feeling of ownership of the problem which will also help to find better solutions to the problems you face.

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