Quality Assurance Business Plan

The quality control plan provides instructions on how to actively ensure the project is of a high quality.The plan details what will be tested, how it will be tested, the desired results, and how to maintain results.It is not possible to define quality for something that doesn't exist, so in order to identify this level of quality, a detailed project description for every feature or function of the project is needed.These are typically termed specifications and describe exactly what each feature does, how it does it, when it does it, and how other features are impacted.

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This approach will dictate how testing will be conducted and when.

Each test should detail precisely how that feature or function should work, indicate the desired result, and provide all necessary information and collateral (e.g., if you need a separate software program, computer, extra resources..conduct the test).

These tests will document positive tests and negative tests.

It will give new clients the assurance of working with a world-class player through certifications.

It will build an organizational culture rooted in shared-values, and keep on enhancing it.

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