Publish Your Research Paper

Articles are published rapidly as soon as they are accepted, after passing an in-house quality check.

Peer review by invited experts, suggested by the authors, takes place openly after publication.

An article remains published regardless of the reviewers’ reports.

Many academic departments form reading groups to review each others' papers, says Elizabeth M. "New faculty should and can form reading groups where they can exchange drafts and get feedback to each other," she says.

It provides a persistent identifier for humans, similar to that created for content-related entities on digital networks by digital object identifiers (DOIs).

Once you have connected your ORCID i D to F1000Research and given the necessary permissions, all work that is published with you named as an author, whether an article or a peer review report, will automatically be added to your ORCID account, removing the need for you to do this each time.

A major faux pas is submitting your manuscript simply to get it reviewed, says Newcombe. Beef up your cover letter Many authors don't realize the usefulness of cover letters, Newcombe says.

She's heard authors say, "This is a small experiment that I know would never get published in that journal, but I would like to get some feedback." Not a good idea, Newcombe says, because it wastes editors' and reviewers' time, and those who reject it from the journal may also be the ones who have to review the paper when it's submitted to a different journal. In addition to stating "here it is" and that the paper conforms to ethical standards, Newcombe says the letter can contain the author's rationale for choosing the editor's journal--especially if it's not immediately apparent.

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