Public Speaking Assignments To Kill A Mockingbird Prejudice Essay

This page shares a sample Informative Speech assignment sheet.

1.4 Utilize appropriate research strategies to discover and ethically integrate supporting materials from diverse sources and points of view. Organization and Outline: a rough draft of the speech is due as noted in the syllabus – bring a copy to class as noted and add it to the correct drop box.You can also use . If you elect to use Power Point, DO NOT READ from your Power Point Presentation. It must be large enough to see from the back of the room.If you need help learning Power Point, please talk to me or email me and I am willing to work 1-on-1 with you to learn this. Visual Aid — The use of one visual aid is required. You may use Power Point (but have a second version in your Dropbox or email).For example: “Do you think a person should be fined for not wearing his or her seatbelt in the front seat?” Yes or No OR, give limited fixed responses How many speeding tickets have you had? Sources/Bibliography: you MUST use at least 3 CREDIBLE sources, cite (state) them aloud fully in the speech, cite them in your outline and in an ATTACHED BIBLIOGRAPHY which follows a standardized format (MLA or APA)…. NO WIKIPEDIA, NO ONLINE DICTIONARIES, etc., USE GREAT SOURCES!___ None ___ 1 ___ 2-3 ___ 3-4 ___ More than 5 2) Ask “Likert scale question” — which measures the strength of a response on a “scale” concerning your speech 3 topic — For example: On a scale of 1-5, how often do you wear your seatbelt? I will help you understand if they are relevant and reputable during a pre-speech “check-in” via SKYPE.When I say cite, I mean state: who, where and when — who said it, when they said it and where it was published.You will need to your own recording device (camera/i Pad/phone/etc.) or bring a flash drive if you do not have a recording device (then I will videotape it and we can transfer the speech to your flash drive).I will ask that you set personal goals for your public speaking skills before the speech as well as after watching the speech–remember-you are the ONLY one who sees this video!!!For this type of speech, show us you are sincere, tell us why you chose the topic, how you know this, any training you’ve had, etc.External sources are especially important to establish your external credibility.): Thesis & Topic Preview: Your thesis is a simple declarative sentence that captures the “point” of your speech.

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