Public School System Essay

However, many of them after completion of their secondary school, they opt for courses depending upon their fee paying capacity and not their caliber.This situation have made thousands of students bury their dreams.Although the usage of vocabulary and grammar is good, the response is completely deviated from the topic.

I think my advice would be to expose yourself into grammar lessons especially composing types of clauses and how to link them; also, you need to read a lot more so that you practice identifying different types of clauses and connecting ideas luck! It plays an important role in moulding one's career.Other say that students who show improvements be rewarded? It is indisputable that rewards and incentives motivate individuals to keep working for better results and improvement.Students, particularly need this motivation to concentrate and keep focused in their studies.In conclusion, to have a good education system, the society and government must work as whole, because the future of society and progress of country is comparatively reflected by the success of students in their education.Hello,when I was reading your essay, I noticed essentially two things that my humble knowledge of writing and grammar says they are not correct. I think you got a little bit out of what the prompt convey to discuss.In addition to it, they should involve their parents to support them and conduct regular counseling sessions for them.Secondly, every institutions should compulsorily announce scholarship seats. These people surely brings fame to the institutes and every Institutes look forward for the same.Regardless of their background, parent’s income or any other factors.It is right say that a good education for all children is important, as well as the role of government is essential, due to factor of have the major responsibility to give support, and offer to every child an educational opportunity through of public school system.So, providing the right guidance to its every students should be their prime focus, this can bring prosperity to the society as a whole.The topic is, measures to be taken by educational institutions to discourage students taking the subjects in which they are unlikely to succeed.

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  1. Even when DNA evidence proved Godschalk could not have been the rapist, the District Attorney of the case refused to release him from prison, stating that I trust my detective and his tape-recorded evidence (Kassin and Gudjonsson, 2005, p. Because of this tendency on the part of jurors and prosecutors, together with the facts listed above regarding the potential for unrestricted interrogations to elicit false confessions, Kassin and Gudjonsson argue for the need to reform police interrogation tactics.

  2. It’s time some people knew they’ve got to keep quiet and leave deciding things to the rest of us – ’ This shows how inconsiderate Jack is because the conch is the only thing that lets the boys communicate their thoughts and eliminating it would mean that they do not get a say in making decisions that affects them. Ralph’s method of considering everyone’s opinions and treating people as equals allows him to make decisions that benefit the whole group, which is why he is a better leader than Jack. If decisions were made the way Jack makes them, with no consideration given to different points of view, then the decision would only benefit a select few within group.