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These authors further hold that the failure to take the limitations of humans serious, makes it impossible to make an assessment of the.".magnitude of the task facing a political system.Unless political action accounts for the inability to fully comprehend complex problems, policy making will not fare well.This ensures that no major value is neglected and that policy decisions are broadly acceptable to all stakeholders." (Ibid) Different kinds of policy analysis Lindblom and Woodhouse hold that there are problems that are too complex for the human being to conceive and comprehend or too complex for human beings to perceive.Lindblom and Woodhouse state that "there is a deep and persistent unwillingness in Western culture to acknowledge difficulties." (Ibid) Lindblom and Woodhouse explain that policy studies cannot be considered to be a 'linear, step-wise process" but is an environment that is static in which policy may arise from compromise, as a byproduct of other actions, emerge gradually, or even come into being through inaction and precedent.Lindblom and Woodhouse state that: "Policy making is a complexly interaction process without beginning or end." [p,11] How Perceived Problems gets on the Public Agenda In Lindblom's 1959 work the term 'watchdog' was used describing the representations of a particular value or interest represented within the system.Do not panic if you haven’t started the process earlier; learn to pace yourself well and set personal deadlines.When you start, it’s easy to get bogged down by the whole scheme of things: how the essay is going to turn out, how it would all fit in, would there be a continuous flow to it?

Give yourself enough time to work through drafts and reflect on your writing.As a result, they pursue an approach which makes incremental changes to existing policies." (Kantor, 2000) the suggestion of Lindblom was that "with skill, this type of policy-making can result in better outcomes than attempts at comprehensiveness." (Kantor, 2000) While others have confirmed that "incrementalism is the only realistic approach, as the rational-comprehensive ideal would paralyze the policy process due to the costs of undertaking the necessary research, consultation etc.required to attain completeness (John, 1998)." Lindblom held that since policy-maker do not generally have all the required information that comprehensiveness was not realistic in ideal and as well policy-makers deal with constraints on resources such as limitations on time and rarely ever is a single objective of policy agreed upon.Lindblom stated that: "Almost every interest has its watchdog.Without claiming that every interest has a sufficiently powerful watchdog it can be argued that our system often can assure a more comprehensive regard for the values of the whole society than any attempt at intellectual comprehensiveness. 85) Group interaction is stated by some to be that which drives public policy.You’ve filled out your name, academic information, work experience, uploaded your transcripts and test scores, and requested letters of recommendation. How do I fit everything in so few words (or for some how do I write so much about myself)? As you keep staring at the blank screen in frustration, with the cursor constantly blinking as a reminder for you to write something, consider these few words of advice from a fellow sufferer.Now you face the Herculean task of writing the motivation statement. These essays tend not be something you can just ace in one night.(Cokrell, nd) The following labeled Figure 1 illustrates the Iron Triangle Model of Policy-making.Basic Decision-Making Styles Severity of Constraints on Low High Decision Makers [Limited Actor, Single Level, Multi-Actor, Multi-level Single Round] Multi-Round] Low Type I Type III Clear Problem Definition, Rationale Decision-making Decision Accretion, Available Information, Decision Making Available Time] High Type II Type IV Poor Problem Definition, Incremental Decision-making Garbage Can Decision Limited Information, making Limited Time] The Major Players in the Process Lindblom and Woodhouse in the work entitled: "The Policy Making Process" state that policy occurs as much through a system as through the policy makers themselves although the policy-makers focus on a range of options that has already been narrowed down and that fit into a basic type of agreement.Some of the social limits they feel define cognitive limitations are the existence of arbitrary standards, inadequate schooling, and a lack of competition of ideas in the media." (Bibliography: Lindblom & Woodhouse, 1993) Lindblom and Woodhouse stress "the need for balance between analysis and the exercise of power.Policy making is by definition an exercise of power, in that involves the use of authority.

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