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Second, we illustrate applications of these approaches by surveying behavioral studies of policy problems involving saving, addiction, and public goods.

We argue that the literature on behavioral public economics, though in its infancy, has already fundamentally changed our understanding of public policy in each of these domains.

The student author, wrote the proposal for a course assignment in public policy writing.

She used her experience as a volunteer ‘ghost’ writer for the organization’s spokesperson to recreate an actual proposal for the assignment.

Example 3: Letter of Transmittal In a letter of transmittal, they address the petition to the head of the agency responsible.

Analysis of Examples [Return to top] Example 1: Clarity emerges as court closes its doors Here is a London newspaper’s summary of investigations into the decision in 2003 by Tony Blair (United Kingdom prime minister) to join George W.

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Example 3 Analysis Example 4: Military Pay This description of problematic conditions with recommendations is a report written by professional policy/ program analysts in the United States General Accounting Office (GAO), an investigative and auditing staff of the Congress.This history was also written for a coursework assignment.Example 2 Analysis [Return to top] Example: Higher Education Act (HEA) Amendments of 1998 (memo) This position paper was written in memo form by a student.Example 4 Analysis [Return to top] Example 1: The Legislative History of Nutritional Labeling Here is a student’s legislative history written for a course assignment.Example 1 Analysis Example 2: Charter Schools in America Here is another student’s legislative history of an educational reform.To suggest a resource or report a broken link, email the GWC at [email protected] 11518 Issued in August 2005 NBER Program(s): Health Economics, Public Economics This paper has two goals.First, we discuss several emerging approaches to applied welfare analysis under non-standard ("behavioral") assumptions concerning consumer choice.This provides a foundation for Behavioral Public Economics.(Analyses included) [Return to top] Example 1: Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (simulation) This example is written and spoken by a student in a classroom-simulated Congressional hearing.The student is here enacting the role of spokesperson for a policy analysis think tank.

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