Psychology Research Paper On Memory

The study should last less than 10 minutes.”)Place the sheet of paper with the first set of words on it, in front of the volunteer facing down (so that they cannot see the words).

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For a whole generation, the words “Ice, ice baby”, and for another generation “…living in the gangsta’s paradise” are enough to take them back in time.

(“Well, in this study we accessed short-term memory in humans. Fill out the table provided with the information you received from the study • Count the number of correct words recalled in each category from each volunteer and put it in the appropriate section of the table.

The first word list was composed of unrelated words, while the second list was composed of groups of related words in chunks. Counting off for spelling is at the discretion of the experimenter, but strive to be consistent.

The reason this was done the way it was, was so that the experiment would be a lot easier to follow and understand.

Psychologists have been fascinated by this connection between music and memory.

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