Psychology Dissertation Examples

Sleep studies will also make for good research, as would studies of mindfulness practices, or even more traditional roles like marriage and family therapy, clinical social work or clinical counseling.

2.2.1 To what extent does conflict over food in childhood impact on problematic attitudes to eating in adolescence? 2.2.2 The extent to which perceptions of social stigma impact upon sufferer’s coping strategies: a quantitative study.

Research on factors impacting clinical psychology or on how members of these groups are represented in the journal literature would be very valuable in the field. research could look at the interrelatedness of psychology and philosophy, or even one of the hard sciences like biochemistry.

Since psychology is a truly interdisciplinary field, one related to many others, research that borders on any of its tangential areas will be worthy of dissertations. On the other end of the spectrum, the intersection between psychology and religion and spirituality would be an excellent area of research.

A good dissertation topic is crucial to help you earn your graduation degree with good grades and be able to get the right platform to launch your career.

It needs to be interesting enough to keep you engaged and motivated for at least one or two years, is unique in itself and yet has enough literature for you to check out, should be publishable by the leading journals, and can be completed by the given grapple with the issue of coming up with ‘wow’ topics for each of their client – quickly and consistently. They go through the topics being studied by their clients and their interest areas, the teachers’ instructions, and the studies accessible to them to try and come up with a topic that sounds challenging and fun but can be completed quickly.

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