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The PURE system represents an important step towards a totally defined in vitro transcription/translation system, thus avoiding the “black box” nature of the cell extract-based systems.The PURE system is more robust and convenient than most extract-based systems for many in vitro applications.The droplet encapsulation provides a linkage between the phenotype (expressed protein) and the genotype (DNA), which sets the stage for the specific selection of restriction enzyme genes.Other researchers have reported that using the PURE system greatly improves the efficiency of ribosome display (9).Directed evolution of proteins in vitro is a powerful tool for improving and creating biocatalysts.

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It is largely free of chaperones and other cellular factors for post-translational modifications, thus providing a starting point to study the involvement of these factors in transcription/translation regulation and nascent chain folding (10).

This feature is particularly useful for high throughput screening at the whole genome scale, either for novel activities or for protein-protein interactions.

For structural genomics projects, the PURE system can be an alternative route to acquire difficult protein targets which resist traditional cellular expression (4).

Systematically mutagenized protein-coding libraries can be used as well to test if a specific mutation(s) affects protein function.

Again, only a few PCR steps are needed to obtain the mutant protein, providing a quick experimental verification of hypotheses.

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