Proquest Umi Dissertation Publishing September 2 2011

Students must apply for the embargo during the Advanced Degree Application process. Written confirmation of the embargo approval from the Graduate School must be presented in a hard copy email at the time of submission to the Mudd Manuscript Library.More information can be found on the Graduate School's Ph. The contact for embargo related matters in the Graduate School is the Deputy Dean of the Graduate School Cole Crittenden.The embargo in Pro Quest will also apply to the embargo in Princeton’s digital repository, Data Space Embargo Renewals Those who wish request a renewal of an existing embargo must email the Deputy Dean of the Graduate School Cole Crittenden and provide the reason for the extension.An embargo renewal must be requested in writing at least one month before the original embargo has expired, but may not be requested more than three months prior to the embargo expiration date.

If your dissertation is embargoed, the PDF will be completely restricted during the embargo period.Please note: you are responsible for keeping track of the embargo period--notifications will not be sent.To find the exact date of an embargo expiration, individuals can find their dissertation in Data Space, and view the box at the bottom of the record, which will indicate the embargo expiration date.If you have questions regarding the Pro Quest publishing options, contact their Author and School Relations team at 1-800-521-0600 ext. Each Princeton University dissertation is deposited in Princeton’s Institutional Repository, Data Space.There is a dissertation maintenance fee of for this service payable to the Princeton University Library at the time of depositing your dissertation.The Graduate School will inform the Mudd Library of all renewals and Mudd Library staff will institute the extensions in Pro Quest and Data Space.Formatting your Dissertation Princeton University Archives Dissertation Formatting Requirements (this document is downloadable from the upper-right hand side of this webpage).Special consideration should be paid to embedding fonts in the PDF.Pro Quest ETD Administrator Resources and Guidelinesweb page offers several guides to assist you in preparing your PDF, choosing publishing options, learning about copyright considerations and more.Those who have been approved for the embargo can choose Traditional Publishing or Open Access Plus publishing when they complete their online submission to Pro Quest.Mudd Manuscript Library staff will apply the embargo in the Pro Quest ETD system at the time of submission of materials to the Library.

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