Project Management Syllabus Research Paper On Trash In America

Full points will be awarded for accepted justifications.

Throughout the semester there will be multiple individual assignments including case studies, chapter exercises, and practice exercises designed to give you practice with the concepts, techniques, and tools of contemporary project management practices. Tests assess your individual understanding of project management concepts and are based on the materials in the textbook and assignments.In short the term, management has to do with how to bring order to complexity.The intended outcomes of the course can be summarized as follows: Much of the success of project managers comes from developing good leadership and people skills.Please refer to the Formal Presentation Requirements and the Facilitator Presentation Requirements located in the "Welcome" module of I-Learn.” Each week, one member of the team will present project progress.The type of presentation matches the project methodology, for instance during Waterfall a Formal Presentation is required, during Agile/Scrum a stakeholder meeting is required.You are allowed to regain points on the tests and quizzes by providing a justification for your selected response.For instance, a challenge supports your answer by citing a source including name, title, author, page number, slide number or URL.Please monitor the Grade Center on an ongoing basis and contact me as soon as possible if any errors arise.The day after the semester ends is too late for any corrections for any grades that were given early in the semester.The graphic on the right shows how the project management methodologies integrate with the course timeline.Of course, there are more than 2 project management strategies; however, time and resource constraints limit this course experience.

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