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For example, if you don't want Project to level a particular task, set its priority level to 1000.

By default, priority values are set at 500, or a medium level of control.

Project levels only the work resources, generic resources, and committed resources.

It does not level the material resources, cost resources, or proposed resources.

See: 2 At the Status Date, the project has the following characteristics: Planned value (PV) Actual cost (AC) Percentage of work completed Calculate the following quantities: Earned Value (EV) (4 marks) Cost Variance (CV) Schedule Variance (SV) Cost performance index (CPI) Schedule performance index (SPI) (3 marks) (3 marks) (3 marks) (3 marks) Using your results, apply the three (3) formulae listed in Section of the text to the calculation of the Estimate at Completion (EAC) of the project.

The application and all supporting documentation must be submitted electronically.

For example, if you are sharing resources with another project that serves as a resource pool, and if you don't want to level the tasks in one of the shared files, then set that shared file's priority level to 1000.

Note: If you select this check box, you may get an error message about Project unable to level the entire project.

An Assignment submitted after the deadline without an approved extension of time will be penalised.

The penalty for late submission without a extension will be specified in the assignment instructions.

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  1. It should be graded as an extra credit assignment in the same way that it’s graded as a science fair project, including all the requirements of the scientific method, pictures, and a completed display board.