Progressive Economics Student Essay

Each of the goals outlined above will be defined in its own chapter in this essay.They will each have their own data, statistics, and research documenting them.This is not only because, in the words of political scientist Jacob Hacker, predistribution, or how the market assigns the income in the first place, matters.(Elements of the market such as how wages are set for workers, how profits are shared within a business, the rules of competition, and accountability are the real determinants of who our economy serves.) It is also because this line — between predistribution and redistribution — blurs quickly.They are either necessary at points when we can’t work for market income, such as when we are infants or elderly or unemployed, or in cases where the costs are very high and unpredictable, like a sudden, serious illness — health care or retirement, for example.As the American economy and society transitioned to the industrial age, President Franklin Roosevelt faced a country where traditional community-based safety nets were fraying, and new needs — for education or wealth building — were being revealed.Above all, Americans would have the freedom of choice — they could purchase the kind of opportunity or security that they felt was right for them.Democrats became comfortable leaving it to private markets to provide these essential goods, with the idea that subsidies and regulations would ensure access and fairness.

It’s about empowering more Americans in the workforce, taming power at the top, and providing a baseline of security from which individuals can make their life choices.

Progressives can reclaim a long history of American political thought that ties economic power to political and personal freedom.

We can demonstrate that progressive economic policy is essential to creating the conditions in which individuals can have agency and power over their lives.

With Trump’s ascendance to the head of their party, Republicans moved towards the past, the jingoistic, and the nativist.

But liberals need to move left not only to match the Right.

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