Prodigal Son Analysis Essay

He reminds his eldest of his place within the family and his portion of the inheritance.

Question: How can understanding God’s grace impact your personal walk with the Lord?In the face of utter rejection, the father gives a gift that impedes his own livelihood.When the son returns to the father, the patriarch notices him from a distance, runs to him, and embraces him.When the youngest son demands his inheritance, the father actively responds. According to Old Testament law, the younger son would receive one third of the property (Deuteronomy ).The son then leaves his father, only to squander his wealth and succumb to the perils of natural disaster.This message seems apparent from the son’s self-confession in the pigsty and the father’s consequence response when he returns home.However, the more I study he parable, the more I am convinced that the overarching theme is grace.He then prepares a feast in celebration of his returned child to honor his son.When the older brother grumbles against the situation, the father actively exhorts him.Yet, the father generously invites him to enter the celebration.Unfortunately, I sometimes find his characterization all too familiar.

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