Process Analysis Essay Explain How To Find Employment After College Graduation

As part of my master’s thesis, I collaborated with Upward Bound, Peace Center, and the Davis Education Foundation to underline the importance of community cooperation in public schools.

I also provided informational brochures and handouts detailing other such organizations that could assist with the individualized needs of schools.

Over the past four years, I have seen the department blossom into a challenging and innovative program.

I am excited about the program’s direction and its emphasis on practical application.

I have acted as a mentor at Davis Middle School for many years and have tutored a number of home-schooled children.

When my own children attended school, I was involved in their schools’ organizations and often took on a leadership role on educational committees.

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Fifteen years of experience has familiarized me with the diverse needs of Houston’s students, and it has prepared me to act on their behalf.One of my greatest contributions was streamlining and updating the paperwork associated with CAM’s intake process.I also generated an updated resource list that included many service agencies in the Houston area.As an umbrella group, Sea Net has only limited contact with small business development centers, and my job is to ensure that our organization meets these centers’ needs.When I took the initiative to send out surveys asking agencies to rate our group’s effectiveness, I received an overwhelming response.I am attracted to the doctoral program at Texas A&M for precisely this reason.Only Texas A&M offers the kind of collaborative experience that suits my personal needs and professional goals.My long-term goal is to use my past experience and Texas A&M training to help make education accessible to all, particularly the underprivileged.Whether I am working in the public or private sector, I look forward to addressing the nation’s urgent need to educate its citizens efficiently and comprehensively.“I liked the total restructuring of the essay, and the ability of your editor to fill in the blanks with some fairly accurate examples and descriptions just from context.I have a particular interest in improving the accessibility of schooling to homeless individuals, single mothers, and disadvantaged women of color.As a result of my own experiences, I am familiar with the despair and frustration endemic to individuals struggling to survive.

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